Remo & The Maniacs

VERY New York Public Relations client, & the nicest guy on the planet, Remo Tulliani earned a feature story in the Fashion Maniac. As the title of the article states, The End of Summer Doesn’t Mean the End of Sun(glasses)… have truer words been spoken. It’s vital to protect your eyes from the harm of everyday UV radiation, regardless of the season & there’s honestly no more stylish way to do just that than by donning a pair of Remo Tulliani’s numerous sunglasses that are arguably the most well-made spectacles on the planet. Every pair is sourced & manufactured in Italy, where Remo goes several times a year, to watch over every pair. Add to this caring, watchful eye, Remo’s trademark obsession for detail & the result is one of the best, if not THE best pair of sunglasses on the planet.

Remo’s world doesn’t just stop at the eyes… he’s arguably the world’s most noted belt designer & makes socks that are not only some of the best made there are, but also are 100% recyclable… yes, you read it right… recyclable socks! The world of Remo Tulliani truly is a special one & unlike any other you’ve ever seen… check it out here:

Pictured above are the “Grace” sunglasses, which retail for $185.00 & can be yours at this link.

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