The Hills Are Alive… With Talk of Boot Socks

Swiss fashion news site, Fashion Channel, proclaimed the accessory of choice this Fall is the Boot Sock, the must have accessory by VERY New York public relations’ client Remo Tulliani.  Remo Tulliani is arguably the most prolific belt designer of our times, but his sunglasses & socks have made quite the splash this Fall/Holiday season. Remo won’t make anything unless, in his own words, he “can make it better than it’s already being made by anyone else.” He put this to the test when he created his socks which are nearly indestructible. Made of the finest yarns he could find, with reinforced heels & toe areas & completely flat, almost seamless construction &, are you ready for this, they are 100% recyclable in the same category as a plastic soda bottle!  Amazing, right???

His latest incarnation is his newly launched Boot Sock for women.  He realized that there isn’t a specific sock in the market that addresses the size & style needs of boot wearing women & he was really shocked when he learned that most women are walking around uncomfortable in their boots, or wearing a pair of white tube socks under their boots.  Not to sit by idly when he has a solution available, he created the Remo Tulliani Boot Sock just in time for holiday shipping (& gift giving)!

Get a pair of Remo’s Ultimate Boot Socks for yourself or as a gift at this link. While you’re there, check out his belts & sunglasses… you’ll never find another to rival any of Remo’s collection!

The full article in Italian is available at this link.

The English translation follows:

The must for this winter is the boot sock Every turn of the season is exciting for fashion lovers and stylists because it means new outfit possibilities are on the horizon

NEW YORK – Well, autumn is finally here and you know what it means … it’s the season of boots and socks! The absolute worst thing about wearing boots is that socks don’t stay in place when you walk. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to take off my boots and readjust my socks during the day. Fortunately, Remo Tulliani created The Ultimate Boot Sock! These socks identify the way you move and stay in place all day. No slipping, no adjustments, no discomfort.

These women’s sports socks come in two styles, the Luna (black with pink toe and polka dot pattern) and Grace (black with pink toe and smaller checked pattern). Features include a cushioned footbed, arch support, ventilated side and toe, and a comfortable non-binding top. And all the socks are made with the exclusive Remo Tulliani yarn, resistant to odors and abrasion. These socks are not only functional and practical, but also aesthetic and trendy. They are the perfect addition to your fall wardrobe. You can choose to hide them under the long boots or let the top extend beyond the boot, taking your accessory game to the next level!

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