Ginger is Looking VERY New York
Ginger featuring Shaun Leon Bath & Body

Japanese style website Ginger ran a story on 5 ways to “Say Yes To Yourself” & they featured 5 clients of VERY New York public relations!  Thanks Ginger… or perhaps we should say “arigatōgozaimashita” to be exact!

Featured in the article are VERY New York clients Shaun Leon Bath & Body (pictured above), as well as luxury bag collection PARK Accessories, fashion artist & illustrator Deanna First, socks by Remo Tulliani & the book “The Yes Frequency” by author & personal life coach Gary Quinn.

If you speak Japanese (or read it to be more exact), check out the full story here.  Otherwise, have a look for yourself at all of the VERY New York clients at this link.  Feel free to say “yes” to anything from any of our clients… there’s so much to choose from…

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