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It makes sense that Earth Day would be a majorly good day for VERY New York public relations’ client Lindsey Coffey… after all, she is Miss Earth!  However, for Earth Day 2021, there were several of our clients that were featured in an great article on FashionEdits.com called “Miss Earth’s Top Picks In Celebration of Earth Month.” In the article, Miss Earth herself, Lindsey Coffey made a selection of Earth-friendly products from our roster of clients.

What did she pick?

  • EPPERSON, the current Fashion Group International Rising Star for womenswear, a great portion of his collection is up cycled.
  • Shaun Léon Bath & Body are each artisanally made in Brooklyn, NY in small batches… low carbon footprint.
  • Thalé Blanc by Deborah Sawaf Chicago Denim Coat features a sustainably sourced fringe trim.
  • Remo Tulliani belts, sunglasses & socks… Miss Earth chose the socks in particular because they are 100% recyclable.
  • Mad & Mac lingerie has a make one, give one range where the panties go to women’s shelters or others in need.

Check out links to each collection by clicking on their names above.  You can thank Miss Earth for the info & the Earth can thank you…

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