Gifts For Every Mother… Even Mother Earth
NY Amsterdam News Mothers Day 2021

Lapacazo Sandoval, the ever supportive writer for NY Amsterdam News, featured an incredible round-up of great gifts for every mother in your life & what did she feature?  A whole host of VERY New York public relations’ clients!  Thank you Lapacazo!

The lead image was a bag by MAX+min, the Black-owned luxury bag collection, followed by an Audry Bag from LA-base fashion house Thalé Blanc (pictured above).  Also making the list were Remo Tulliani, who makes incredible belts for the Father who had to step in as “mom”, followed by a hand-painted scarf by Rory Worby, an assortment of bath & body products from Shaun Leon Bath & Body, before concluding with a tip for Mother Earth by none other than the current reigning Miss Earth herself, Lindsey Coffey.

By the way… Remo Tulliani makes incredible belts, sunglasses & even socks for the women in. your life too…

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