The New American Couture

Fashion Avenue News ran a terrific story on a trend that we recognized a while back by looking at the VERY New York public relations client roster. While the French are the only ones who can legitimately claim the moniker “Haute Couture”, there are aspects of couture that are alive & well right here on our shores.

Vivian Kelly, @thefashionhistorian & co-host of “Fashion, Fashion, Fashion” on Instagram TV, pointed out that “Good fashion by definition is a near mirror image reflection of the times in which we live. The Haute Couture has been the highly protected, ultimate expression of this reflection in the French tradition. However, there are many aspects of the Haute Couture that can be borrowed and found on runways around the world in a more broadly available marketplace. There are many designers here in the U.S. who are borrowing and providing their fresh, far more accessible take on this ultimate expression.”

She found elements of couture at play in the work of Deborah Sawaf for Thalé Blanc, a luxury handbag & sportswear company based in LA.  Also in the work of Rory Worby, who paints silk yardage by hand & fashions it into scarves, kimonos, pillows & caftans, as well as custom commissions of all sorts. Also, as Vivian points out, EPPERSON who up-cycles vintage pieces into one of a kind garments, is a practitioner of the requisite hand-sewing techniques that are a defining aspect of the trade. Finally, Remo Tulliani, who confects his belts one by one from his studio in Phoenix, AZ.

Good fashion is truly global & if you look hard enough, so are aspects of the Haute Couture.  Of course, the true “Couture” can only be found in Paris or several cities in Italy, however, as Fashion Avenue News notes… you don’t have to go all the way to Europe or part with 5 figures of cash to find a wholly unique, fashionable ensemble.

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