American Couture in Garnette Report

The Garnette Report, one of our biggest supporters here at VERY New York public relations, ran a story on the rise of American designers who are adapting the art of the couture in a uniquely American way.  We all know that to use the name “Haute Couture” is to adhere a strict set of rules, the most exclusionary of which is that all work must be completed within in the Paris city limits.

But in the true spirit of American innovation, there are a growing number of U.S. based companies that are borrowing just enough of the traditions to create a products that are special, unique &  on point but bear the hallmark of “Made in the USA” in stead.

Thank you Garnette Report for helping us share the word about our clients:

Vivian Kelly ( @thefashionhistorian )

Remo Tulliani ( )

Thalé Blanc ( )

Rory Worby ( )


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