It’s Season 5 for Lisa F Pliner

Podcast host & fashion muse, model, designer extraordinaire, Lisa F Pliner, announced her 5th season of her hit podcast “Over 40 & Loving Every Minute Of It” & VERY New York public relations was pleased to get the story placed in the new Internet magazine VPR Com Magazine.  The writer, Adrielyn Christi, was kind enough to not only feature the story, but to link back to a list of her most watched episodes from her previous seasons.

Lisa F Pliner has welcomed some super high-profile guests, including Suzanne Somers, Thom Felicia, designers including Kevan Hall, Remo Tulliani & Donald J Pliner, SUEDE of Project Runway, & fashion writer Vivian Kelly, & William S. Gooch, the Editor in Chief of  Lisa’s show airs on Tuesdays @ 6:00 PM on the UBNgo network.  Tune in & see what all the hullabaloo is about… you’ll be glad you did!

Lisa’s full library of episodes can be viewed at this link: Over 40 & Loving Every Minute Of It

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