New Client: Ivy Cove
Ivy Cove Logo

Creative Director Ivy Moliver has been in the business of making some of the finest leather goods for many of the world’s most celebrated brands for the bulk of her professional life. After decades of serving the creative visions of others, her time has come to push her own unique vision forward to market. She & her partner have founded Ivy Cove, a full range of lifestyle based, luxury leather goods that bear the moniker Ivy Cove as a tribute not only to the brand’s creator but to the roots of luxury travel that serve as the inspirational starting point for the entire collection. VERY New York public relations is lucky enough to be in at the starting point of the brand & will be playing an integral role in not only the launch of the brand, but also will be introducing the collection to the media, celebrities, influencers & ultimately the consumer, the most important audience of all.

As the brand develops, we’ll share more here in VERY Busy.

Welcome to the VERY New York family Ivy!  We’re excited to be on this journey with you…

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