fashion shows & presentations

We know a thing or two (or a hundred…) about fashion shows & presentations. Nothing scares us about fashion shows (except a few of the crashers…), in fact, if you want to have a show with more than 100+ models in 100+ degree temperatures with 1,000+ guests in under an hour, we’re game… in fact, we’ve already done that, so you’ll have to try harder than that to scare us away.  Seriously, let’s talk.  We know fashion shows…

what we do...

– Invitation Design
– Guest List Management
– RSVP Vetting
– Fully Digital Seating
– Check-In & Media Relations
– Media Monitoring

– Casting & Rehearsal
– Production Planning
– Staging & Music
– Hair & Make-up
– Backstage Staffing
– Sponsorship Coordination


Front of House support is $4,000-$6,000 per show, Backstage Production is $5,000-$7,000, and we offer packaged deals for both.