Over 40 & Loving Every Minute Of It

A new one hour podcast where artist, philanthropist, author, shoe designer and mother. Lisa F Pliner makes every episode a party. She talks with her good friends as well as the top experts in relationships, wellness, hair, make-up and fashion about everything from body shaming, coping with husbands and kids at home 24/7 during COVID-19. How bold is it, to go and make a change in your personal appearance, and much more. It’s all about loving yourself as you get older and not be scared to speak up and ask the question that you may be afraid to ask.


Lisa F Pliner is a loving wife and mother, accomplished philanthropist, children’s book author, successful shoe designer, and artist. Lisa met her husband, Donald J Pliner and became his muse collaborating on many shoe designs over 23 years. She co-founded “Peace For The Children Foundation,” which has provided charitable grants supporting non-profit organizations for the past decades. In addition to her new podcasts, Lisa’s latest projects include a children’s book “A Puppy Dreams Comes True,” and an art collection Incognito 18.

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Episode 22:  The Kiss Whisperer

June 29, 2021

There is a reader for everything from tea leaves & palms to stars & minds… but kisses?  Yes, there is even a way to read one’s kiss print & there’s no greater authority on this practice than Miranda, or as she is known to her legions of fan, “The Kiss Whisper”.  Lisa F Pliner met Miranda at a party in Los Angeles & was completely blown away (pun intended) by the revelations about her life that came out of a simple kiss.  Lisa invites her husband, shoe design legend Donald J Pliner, to join her for a kiss reading & the results are… well, quite remarkable.  You’re not only going to be blown away by the information your kiss can reveal, but you’re also going to get to see Donald J Pliner in bright red lipstick!  This is an episode you are NOT going to believe or want o miss! 

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Episode 21:  Taking to the Airwaves

June 22, 2021

Cindy Grosz is a lifestyle reporter, political activists, & talk radio show host who is enjoying a Renaissance of her professional life following the launch of her hit program “Cindy’s Celebrity Corner” on AM 770 radio in New York City. Cindy brings her infectious personality to the airwaves each SaturdayPM to interview both established & up & coming celebs from the world of Broadway, television, writing & fashion to reveal disarmingly honest information from each of her guests.  Lisa & Cindy share trade secrets & tell stories of their respective professional & personal paths that overlap in ways they never knew before they sat down for this intriguing tête-a-tête.

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Episode 20:  Father’s Day Gift Ideas

June 16, 2021

Over the years, Remo Tulliani has developed an architectural approach to creating accessories. Every detail matters. The personal relationship with the material manufacturers, the balance, the feel, & fit of the product all mean something. Remo creates accessories that stand up to any challenge in terms of style & craftsmanship. Remo chooses his leathers from manufacturers in Italy for all of these reasons. He wants his products to be the best & that includes the best ingredients. I also have included another guest Donald J Pliner.  Donald & Lisa have known Remo for over 20 years. The relationship all started when Remo walked into Donald’s showroom & said, “give me a chance.” From there, Donald & Remo became friends, & for Remo, Donald became his mentor. Remo may have something special for you for a special Father’s Day gift coming up… belts, socks, sunglasses & one of the most incredible books you’ll ever see.

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Episode 19:  Living & Breathing Fashion

June 08, 2021

While there are countless fashion fans & followers, very few people get to literally live & breathe fashion 24/7/365. This week, Lisa F Pliner welcomes Neil Hamil & Chris Royer, two of the few people who can honestly claim to have done just that. Chris was one of the famed “Halsonette’s”, which what the group of models who were house models for the legendary design icon known by one name “Halston”.  Chris was at Halston’s side day & night as he designed his collection, dressed celebrities, traveled the world & danced the nights away at the legendary Studio54 with the likes of Bianca Jaggar, Andy Warhol & Diana Ross. Neil is the iconic booking agent who represented some of the biggest names of the decades from the 70’s to recent times. There’s not a magazine or design house he’s note worked with & in this episode, Lisa gets Neil & Chris to spill some fashionable beans. There’s not a more “inside” view of the fashion business available that can rival this episode…

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Episode 18:  Two’s Company

May 25, 2021

In what will ultimately prove to be one of her most memorable interviews ever, Lisa F Pliner interviews one of the most iconic characters ever to appear on television, Chrissy Snow of the iconic 70s/80s TV series, Three’s Company.  Susan Somers & Lisa F Pliner have nearly immediate, very unexpected chemistry as the duo discuss life, being strong women, shoes (Suzanne is a huge fan of Donald J Pliner shoes!) & even the health of their guts in this sometimes hilarious, sometimes touching, but always “must see” interview intertwined with personal stories & a healthy dose of tequila… After this one, you’ll never think of Suzanne Somers the same way again!

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Episode 17:  Two Moms Talking

May 18, 2021

Lisa F Pliner sits down with a very special mom in this episode… her own!  Following on the heels of Mother’s Day, Lisa joins her mom on a visit home to Texas to talk growing up, raising children, & the transition to friendship… the journey that all mothers & daughters take together.  At times hilariously funny, at times touching & even at other times glaringly honest, emotions run high as Lisa & her mother, Judith Barbernell, share their family photos, their stories of one another & how each has influenced the other.  Lisa’s ailing father even makes an appearance as the two banter on as only a mother & daughter can.

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Episode 16:  Painting the Times

May 04, 2021

Lisa F Pliner continues her series of creative artistry when she is joined in this episode by her good friend, artist extraordinaire, David Banegas to talk about his incredible portfolio of work.  From commissioned works to pieces that are completely an expression of his own creative take on life, the artist will talk about how he takes a a three-dimensional subject & makes it come alive on a two-dimensional surface as only a true artist can.  Banegas’ work has been featured on the pages of some of the most noteworthy titles in the genre & hangs on walls of hallowed museums & clients’ homes alike.  You’ll be fascinated by this intimate look into the world of fine artistry married with commercial expression.

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Episode 15:  Looking Though A Lens

Apr 27, 2021

Photographer & author Laurent Elie Badessi joins Lisa F Pliner on this episode to discuss his life lived looking through the lens of a camera.  Badessi is the creative force behind the camera that captures some of the most captivating images of the body & our planet in the creative market.  Lisa & her good friend, Laurent, discuss the behind-the-scenes stories of how he sees his subjects, what piques his eye & what in his creative opinion makes a good photo good.  You’ll be inspired & may even be able to take better pictures as a result…

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Episode 14:  Vintage Fashion

Apr 13, 2021

In this episode, host Lisa F Pliner welcomes guest Vivian Kelly (Instagram: @thefashionhistorian) to talk the ins & outs of collecting, dressing & spotting vintage fashion finds.  Vivian shares her path from 2nd Assistant to the legendary Editor in Chief of Vogue Magazine, Grace Mirabella to her current life as an expert fashion writer & avid vintage clothing impresario.  Along the way, we’ll learn where both of these stylish ladies first learned their love of fashion, developed their eye & how they go about embodying their style that is a little new, a little vintage, but always a lot fashionable!

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Episode 13:  Tap Your Subconscious Power Now!

Mar 30, 2021

Lisa F Pliner welcomes a good friend to her show in this episode. Kimberly Friedmutter is a well-known hypnotist & life coach who works with a roster of A-list celebrities, many of whom she will be naming in this episode. Her life-changing work has been covered in literally every major publication in the media-sphere & her recent book, “Subconscious Power:  Use Your Inner Mind to Create the Life You’ve Always Wanted” brings her secrets to millions who may have never been able to meet her one-on-one. After this show, you’ll understand why her personal tag-line “expect the exceptional” reads so true!

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Episode 12:  Life in the Fast Lane

Mar 23, 2021

As Lisa F Pliner launches her 3rd season, she welcomes Martina Kwan, the Chinese/German born global citizen, mother, & award-winning race car driver. Lisa & Martina share stories of Martina’s journey from her youth in civil war-torn Beirut, Lebanon to her coming of age in America, where she only recently has given in to her lifelong obsession with racing Porsches to astounding levels of success in a nearly exclusively male dominated sport. Their storied conversation eventually ends up on how the pandemic has slowed Martina’s pace of life… or has it???

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Episode 11:  Turnabout is Fair Play

Mar 16, 2021

For the final episode of her 2nd season, Lisa F Pliner has a little surprise up her sleeve when she puts herself into the guest chair & her husband, legendary shoe design icon Donald J Pliner in the host seat. Donald & Lisa banter on as only a husband & wife can about their inspired life, their family, their home life & even get into the danger zone with a few questions that will have you laughing, intrigued & wanting more.

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Episode 10:  From Runway to Reality
Mar 9, 2021


In Episode 10, Lisa F Pliner welcomes reality TV star SUEDE. You all know & love him from Project Runway Season 5 & Project Runway All-Stars Season 2, but what you may not know is that fashion is not his only passion.  Lisa gets up close & personal with SUEDE as they discuss his transition from the design rooms of New York’s world-renowned fashion district, to your TV screens on Bravo’s Project Runway & now to your living rooms, kitchens & bedrooms while he tackles his new career of selling real estate.  And guess what… he’s just as good at selling houses as he is at adjusting hemlines!

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Episode 9:  Dreams- A Fashion Film by Thalé Blanc

Feb 23, 2021

In Episode 9, Lisa F Pliner presents the Podcast premiere of “Dreams- A Fashion Film” by Thalé Blanc, the luxury fashion collection of handbags, jewelry & ready to wear. Thalé Blanc’s founder & creative director, Deborah Sawaf, sits down to share the story of the collection while sharing some insights into her creative process. The film was originally shown during NYFW in February 2021 to highlight the Thalé Blanc collection for the fashion media. In this episode, Lisa brings you the behind-the-scenes story of the film as only she can, as these two modern style icons bond over creativity, life, friends & fashion.

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Episode 8: Let’s Talk Style with Emmy Award Winning Costume Stylist Joanne Lavin

Feb 16, 2021

In Episode 8, Lisa F Pliner is joined by long-time friend, the Emmy Award winning stylist Joanne Lavin. Joanne & Lisa talk shop & in the process share tips for keeping your wardrobe fresh at a time when shopping in person isn’t as easy as it once was. Joanne transforms her look right before your very eyes by swapping out a single accessory to create a fresh new look in an instant. Get ready for some real behind the scenes info on how many of your favorite TV stars always look just right… hint… it’s not always of their own doing!

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Episode 7: Designing a New You Interior Design Impresario Thom Filicia

Feb 9, 2021

In this episode, Lisa F Pliner welcomes interior design impresario Thom Filicia for a sit down over cocktails where they discuss how the world of interior design has shifted in the last year, as our homes have transitioned into our offices, schools, gyms & sanctuaries. First known for his groundbreaking show “Queer Eye For the Straight Guy”, Thom Felicia has since emerged as one of America’s most sought after decorators. He has his finger on the pulse of American design & his client roster reads like a Hollywood phone book. Get ready to laugh, learn & redecorate!

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Episode 6: The Style of Politics, Fashion of our First Ladie‪s
Jan 26, 2021

In this episode, Lisa F Pliner takes on the world of politics… political style, that is! She’s joined by two style experts who share in the conversation – iconic shoe designer extraordinaire, Donald J Pliner & Editor in Chief of FashionReverie.com, Willam S. Gooch. Donald shares his take on first lady footwear as he recounts his stories of dressing Jackie Kennedy Onassis in his creations & William shares his perspective on first lady style over the years, about which he’s written several articles of late. Lisa host the “party” every step of the way with her trademark charming personality & zany take on the stylish topic. The votes are in & this show is a winner!

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Episode 5: Personal Questions We Are Afraid To Ask About Hormones & Menopause

Jan 12, 2021

In the 5th Episode, Lisa F Pliner welcomes guest Dr. Jennifer Berman of the hit TV Show “The Doctors”.  Dr. Berman is an internationally renowned Urologist & NY Times best-selling author, not to mention one of the country’s leading experts in the field of female sexual health.  Lisa & her party of ladies will be asking the questions that many of you want to ask, but are afraid to do so as they tackle the topics of menopause & hormones.  Lisa promises that there will be answers in this show that you didn’t even know you wanted to questions you didn’t even know to ask… you’ll be glad you tuned in!

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Episode 4: When is the Right Time for a Face & Neck Lift?

Jan 5, 2021

In the 4th Episode, Lisa F Pliner interviews Dr. Greggory Mueller, FACS about his innovative My Elevated technique to lift & tighten your jawline. Dr. Mueller developed the procedure during his 20+ years of practicing plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, CA, one of the most aesthetically demanding markets in the world.  Lisa & Dr. Mueller are joined by patient, Jodi Ladge, a surgical nurse who will share the story of how she discovered the procedure as well as her road to recovery which is only a fraction of the time normally required by traditional, more invasive procedures.

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Episode 3: The New Normal with Make-up Guru Tim Quinn

Dec 29, 2020


Lisa F Pliner’s 3rd episode of her hit podcast “Over 40 & Loving Every Minute of It.” She speaks to make-up guru Tim Quinn, a face designer at Armani make-up, who shares some of his innovative tips to looking your very best every day, but especially over 40.

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Episode 2: Staying Colorful with Michael Canalé

Dec 20, 2020


This week, Lisa F. Pliner explores the world of hair coloring with one of the most influential hair colorists in history, Michael Canalé. As a key member of the team that made hair style history when they created the “Rachel” for Jennifer Anniston’s iconic character on “Friends”, Michael Canalé is arguably one of, it not THE most important hair experts of our time.

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Episode 1: Fashion Icons: Donald J Pliner & Kevan Hall

Dec 11, 2020


In the premiere episode, Lisa F Pliner interviews two iconic names in the world of fashion. Red carpet fashion mainstay, Kevan Hall, shares the story of his transformation from couture to ready-to-wear, a change of his business model brought about as a result of the COVID-19 quarantine. He also talks history & behind the scenes “shop talk” with his long-time role model, & Lisa’s husband, the legendary show designer Donald J Pliner. Donald’s iconic shop, Right Bank Clothing, with its endless stream of celebrity clientele, was instrumental in forming Kevan’s aesthetic & commitment to detail that he credits Donald J Pliner as instilling in him from the early days of his collection.