House Caviar Flower Experience

Made in San Jose, California

House Caviar prides itself in curating and serving the best cannabis the industry has to offer. The founders work with select licensed, compliant, and mission-driven brands that value social equity, sustainability, and supply higher standard products. They understand what kind of cannabis will offer the best experience for first time consumers as well as experienced consumers.


The company offers personalized cannabis education as well as the most exclusive and highly coveted cannabis in industry. Every guest of House Caviar’s will feel confident in choosing what to consume as well as how to consume it. Their Experience Consultants are dedicated to sharing the right cannabis knowledge so guests can develop their own cannabis preferences.


The Flower Experience is curated for the conscious cannabis connoisseur. The Pause/Play PLAY box is a curation of high quality sativa-leaning flower products–a mixture of flower jars and pre-rolls–that offers a dynamic smoke experience. This particular curation is great for boosting creativity and energy. The Pause/Play box is the most exclusive flower experience in the Bay Area.

Strain Dominance: Sativa-Leaning
THC Levels: 32%
CBD Levels: 0%
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House Caviar


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