The Story of The Audrey Bag

NY NoMad Mag, one of the best new blog sites we’ve come across in some time, just posted the most amazing story on the creation of The Audrey Bag, Thale Blanc’s entry into the “It” bag race. The Audrey Bag, which comes in a full range of sizes, colors, finishes & has gone on to inspire several spin-off styles like The Audrey Clutch. We sat in on the conversation between Thale Blanc’s Founder & Creative Director, Deborah Sawaf & NY NoMad Mag writer Tessa Swantek.

Tessa’s piece was one of the most comprehensive brand profiles that Thale Blanc ever received & one of the best that VERY New York public relations has ever gotten for its clients.

The story is a fascinating one that takes you into the personal world of Audrey Hepburn herself, as Deborah is a close friend of Ms. Hepburn’s son. He invited her to stay at Audrey’s home in Italy, where Deborah was inspired to design the bag that went on to launch the entire collection. To read the entire story, click here.

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