Seeing White… For Spring
TheFashionList features Remo Tuliani

At VERY New York public relations love a good trend story. But we REALLY love a good trend story when our client is included.  Well… imagine how excited we are when TWO of our clients are in the same story… Let it suffice to say it’s quite a day here at VNY!

Belt designer extraordinaire Remo Tulliani & leather accessory maven Ivy Moliver, the genius behind Ivy Cove, were included a story posted on TheFashionList for Spring 2024 all about the White fashion trend is sweeping the market at the moment.

Remo’s Sylvio Belt in White was the lead image in the story.  Click here to get one for yourself.

Ivy Cove’s Cape Cod Tote was the featured bag in the piece. Click here to get one for yourself.

Thank you TheFashionList!

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