The Melanin Therapist Suggests…
Marsha Page, The Melanin Therapist in Bustle

Internet mega-site Bustle published their list of 35 tips from experts to make your make-up look better & one of those 35 tricks was from none other than one of our newest clients, Marsha Page, aka “The Melanin Therapist”.  Marsha specializes in the particular make-up needs of melanated skin tones & she has a story that the media is soaking up like a sponge!

VERY New York public relations is so excited to have Marsha as part of our family & couldn’t be more thrilled by the response she’s getting in the media.  Look for Marsha & her Melanin Therapist tips coming to a blog, magazine & maybe even a workshop near you soon… we’ve got a lot more coming on this story!

Read the full story of all the tips at this link, or just skip right ahead to #6 to see what Marsha suggests

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