Remo Tulliani is One of The Best!
Remo Tulliani on Editor extraordinaire, PJ Gach & her co-editors Elizabeth Pascal Latin & Alex Aronson, compiled their list of the 16 best men’s belts to tie any outfit together & VERY New York public relations client Remo Tulliani made the list!  Thanks PJ & congratulations Remo!

Remo Tulliani makes what many feel are the best belts in the market, one by one, as they are ordered from Italian components, in his atelier in Arizona. Remo puts such passion into every one of his pieces like each was his own offspring. That passion is evident in every piece & the reason his fans will honestly wear no other belt but Remo’s. Remo also makes incredible sunglasses & socks for both men & women…

Discover Remo for yourself at this link.

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