Marsha Page in Fashion Week Online
marsha page in fashion week online

Fashion Week Online posted an interview with VERY New York public relations client Marsha Page, aka The Melanin Therapist. Marsha has made a career making some of the most famous faces on the planet look their best, but her real passion is the make-up needs of the melanated skin. She identified this need several years ago as she was backstage at fashion shows & on set at photoshoots & even in the make-up trailers on the movie sets watching dark skin tones be seriously underserved by her fellow artists. She had to do something about it.

Now, in her current incarnation as The Melanin Therapist, Marsha consults for one-on-one sessions with clients who seek her advice on developing a make-up regimen specifically for their individual skin tone, skin type, or personal needs. In the process, she has become a much sought after expert on the needs of the population in general, as nearly all of us have skin tones that lie outside of the standard available on most collections.

Read the full interview with Marsha Page here.

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