Female Heroism: In Earnest by Byron Earnest Lars
In Earnest by Byron Earnest Lars in The Garnette Report

Sometimes our job at VERY New Y0rk public relations is easy… such as the case with getting press for Byron Lars & his partner Sheila Grey, the creators of In Earnest by Byron Earnest Lars. When two personalities as infectious as Byron & Sheila come together & create fashions as covetable as what they create for In Earnest… well… how could we not succeed?

The Garnette Report posted a wonderful review of In Earnest’s Fall 2023 collection that calls out the fashionable armor that embodies the collection. Byron was inspired by the heroism of the American woman as she fights for her rights each day in the face of governmental intrusion. Regardless of the struggles women feel, the fashions inspired by their plight are truly beautiful, especially in talented hands of this design duo. We stand in support of the efforts of modern day activists opposed to what is nothing short of harrowing coming from the powers that be. With Byron & Sheila’s Collection, the fight for what’s right will look a whole lot better…

Learn more about In Earnest by Byron Earnest Lars at this link.

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