Remo Tulliani in
Remo Tulliani in

No one has ever met Remo Tulliani & called him Medium, but when it comes to media, Medium is as large as Remo’s personality! posted a fantastic interview with Remo where he went into his history, his work ethic, his collection – You name it! Remo Tulliani has been with VERY New York public relation since day 1 & he’ll forever hold a special place in our hearts. There’s no nicer person than Remo & no better belts, sunglasses, or socks than the ones on Remo’s collection.

Check out his full collection for men & women at:

Or, visit a better store near you, as Remo creates belts for some of the biggest names in the industry as well as under his own moniker. He’s a legend in his circle & creates product that will change the way you feel about belts.

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