Summer Sunglasses Trends: Remo Tulliani
Remo Tulliani on Fashion Reverie

It’s the time of year when our thoughts turn to what will our signature sunglasses style be for the next few months of fun in the proverbial sun. Fashion Reverie, one of our go-to sites for all things fashion, just posted their round-up of 6 essential sunglasses trends for Summer 2023 & guess what… VERY New York public relations client Remo Tulliani was included!

Remo Tulliani, best known for his belts – which are arguably the best belts on the planet… HANDS DOWN!!! – don’t believe us (as we are a little bit biased), just read the oodles of articles that say the same thing… also makes incredible sunglasses & socks.  His sunglasses are all made in Italy from the finest hardware money can buy with the best technology the industry has to offer built into every pair. As Remo says, “If I can’t make it better, I won’t make it at all.” In the case of his sunglasses, we think he not only bettered the category, but he sat a completely new bar against which every other pair of sunglasses will pale in comparison.

Check them out for yourself at

In the meantime… THANK YOU Fashion Reverie!

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