Côte d’Azur & Kevan Hall
Kevan Hall in The Knockturnal

VERY New York public relations has had the privilege of working with Kevan Hall on his last 6 collections.  We were originally introduced to Kevan by our good friend & business comrade, Christina Neault… yes, the queen of the runway herself.

For his Spring 2024 collection, Kevan decided to take his fans to the South of France, aka: the Côte d’Azur, aka: the Gold Coast & guess who came along for the ride?  TheKnockturnal’s Claire Kaye Hernandez. She offered up a wonderful review of the collection which praised Kevan’s incredible work.

Kevan Hall is an American fashion icon & one of the gems on the NYFW calendar each season… & speaking of gems, Kevan Hall partnered for his show with Chatham fine jewelry to highlight a collection of incredible pieces that left his audience doubly in awe.

This collaboration was a match made in… well… heaven.

Check out Kevan’s full collection here.

Check out Chatham Jewelry collection here.

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