Gita Omri on Israel National News
Radio Host Cindy Grosz

Gita Omri is an Israeli American designer & long-time VERY New York public relations client. For her 3rd NYFW showing, she chose to make a statement on the runway… one that is near & dear to her heart.

“This collection is a reflection of my emotional reaction to the war in Gaza,” states Gita Omri. “I couldn’t help but reflect back on my time in the military in these troubled times.”

The yellow ribbon that has become a symbol of support for the return of the hostages taken by Hamas at the start of the war served as the invitation image.  Yellow ribbons were also found all over the collection from shoulder details on a sweater, to randomly placed ribbons on a Gray Mohair coat that resembled butterflies, to the walls of her venue itself which were covered with over a 1,000 ribbons which her audience could take.

The Jewess Patriot herself, Cindy Grosz, took notice & wrote a terrific piece for Channel 7 Jewish National News. See Cindy’s article at the following link:

The photo above, is Cindy at the mic of her weekly radio show here in NYC that airs every Sunday morning @ 10:00 ET on 1240 AM and 95.9 FM and streaming on all major outlets.

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