New Client: Negris Lebrum

New Client: Negris Lebrum

Houston, Texas based design house Negris Lebrum has signed with us for their NYFW shows & ongoing Public Relations efforts for their collection.  The collection is designed by the founder & Creative Director Travis Hamilton.  Hamilton has been a regular on the NYFW runways for many years, but feels that the time has arrived for him to take his collection to the next level in the media.

Negris Lebrum is a full collection of designer sportswear that was originally inspired by a love story that began during 1940’s, between a young beautiful French Creole woman who was fair skinned enough to “pass” as white & a handsome dark skinned man. Although they were of the same race, in the old South, she was literally disowned by her community because of the “inter-racial” aspects of their love. These individuals were brought together by a force that was greater than the both of them & through fashion their love story is being told to the world. Negris is “aime par beaucoup, admiree par tous, elegance percu” (“loved by many, admired by all, elegance perceived”).​

In the words of Hamilton, “our goal is to consistently meet the desires, needs & expectations of our customers. With high-quality products & services, we build & maintain partner relationships with our consumers. Our socially responsible stance is reflected by our support for a number of social, cultural, & educational projects.”

You’ve only just begun to hear the story of Negris Lebrum & if future seasons follow the lead of the past sessions, these are clothes that you’ll not only be reading about, but wearing in the near future.

Welcome to VERY New York, Negris Lebrum!

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