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Legendary fashion blog’s Errol Murray wrote a lovely piece on VERY New York client Negris Lebrum’s “Black is Beautiful” T-Shirt.  The T-shirt, a reprise piece from the collection’s very first collection 11 years ago.  The company tag-line is “Le Noir eat Joli”, a phrase which pays homage to the rich story of the collection’s namesake muse, none other than the Creole dame, Ms. Negris Lebrum herself.  She was a fair skinned Black lady who was able to pass as white, an enviable trait in her day.  Yet, she fell in love with a dark skinned Black man & chose to live her life publicly as the proud Black lady she was versus living a lie as a White woman.

The result was her being ostracized & marginalized by her own people as well as the White population.  The story is a poignant reminder of just how far we as a society have come & just how far we as a society have to go.

Designer Travis Hamilton originally launched the “Black is Beautiful” T with 4 languages, but felt that the globalized world we live in today warranted more inclusivity, thus he reprised the new version with 12 languages on the front.

Thanks Errol for the coverage!

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Black is Beautiful T-shirt

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