Maniacs Love Black!

Indie fashion publication shared the message of Negris LeBrum’s “Black Is Beautiful” t-shirt in a wonderful piece posted yesterday.  The story shared the history of the color Black for the Negris Lebrum brand & pointed out the importance Houston based designer Travis Hamilton places on inclusion & diversity in everything he does.

Travis is not a “Black designer”, he’s a “Designer who is Black”.  This approach to his craft makes Negris LeBrum a shining example of what a design business ought to be & what every company ought to be.  Travis embraces his audience, embraces his heritage (& the brand’s heritage) & reflects this pride back through his collection.  To get your own “Black Is Beautiful” T-shirt, use this link.

Thank you FashionManiac & Cheryl Gorski, for helping us share this message!

View the whole article here:

More images from the history of Negris LeBrum below:

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