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Editor in Chief of, William Gooch, has standards & is not easy to please…trust us… he’ll tell you EXACTLY what he’s thinking & he’s not easily swayed.  It seems that PARK Accessories has met with his approval.  In his weekly “Editor’s Pick” section of his site, Mr. Gooch has given PARK Accessories a glowing write-up & in true William Gooch fashion (pun-intended), he completely communicated the essence of the Park Accessories brand.

His favorites were the PARK Accessories Woodlands Tote (available in Large or Small in a range of colors), the Sudbury Gym Bag, & the Remi Lake Back-Pack (our personal favorite!).  Truth is, there are no bad choices & the collection runs that gamut from everyday essentials like William chose. to the truly esoteric… did you even know that there are bags designed specifically to carry your equestrian riding boots?  PARK did!

The full collection can be seen at & includes small leather goods (great gifts!), luggage sized pieces, travel essentials, lawn chairs, lap blankets & one of the coolest flasks we’ve ever seen… go ahead & click here… you’ll be glad you did!

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