Millions & Millions & Billions…

We had an amazing week here at VERY New York Public Relations! On Thursday, October 8th, 2020 @ about 9:15 AM, we got a call from our client, the Internet’s leading place for find sexy Halloween costumes, swimwear & intimate apparel. They had an idea… “We’re working on a version of Pence’s bug in the hair for a costume, can you get this out in the media?” they asked. Immediately, we said, “brilliant!  Let’s do this!” And do this we did…

One hour later, only 12 hours after the debate concluded, 3Wishes had the “Debate Fly Wig” for sale on their site.  Get your own while you can at this link.

Since Thursday, we’ve gotten the image below placed in over 500 media outlets, not to mention countless posts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter… we’re over 3.4 billion impressions & counting!  Thank you to each of the outlets that carried the story & each of the ones still to come, not to mention those who shared the story personally just for the sheer joy of the moment. Guess what I’m going to be this Halloween…?

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