Debate Fly Wig Lands on Fox News Channel

The “Debate Fly Wig” has completely outlived its 15 minutes of fame that Warhol predicted.  In fact, it has now landed on over 1,000 different media feeds in only the last 36 hours with more coming in every minute that passes.  Pictured above is the image accompanying the story that ran on Fox News Channel.  Very New York Public Relations was lucky enough to land over 100 million impressions & counting on the “Debate Fly Wig”.  We couldn’t be more thrilled for our clients to get ANY much deserved press, but, when something like the “Debate Fly Wig” breaks, it makes for an exhausting day & night!  But we’re NOT complaining.

Thank you Fox News Channel & thank you to the nearly 1,000 other titles in just over the last 24 hours.  We couldn’t be more proud to have played some small part in sharing this story for our client with the world.

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