Cindy’s Corners & Thale Blanc’s Deborah Sawaf

Blogger & Internet “TV” personality Cindy Grosz sat down with VERY New York Public Relations client Deborah Sawaf, the creative genius behind accessories brand Thalé Blanc for a Zoom interview for her column on Times or Israel in her Cindy’s Corners series.  Deborah was asked to talk about her newly launched ready to wear collection, Thalé Blanc Statements, which was launched last month during NYFW.

Not to be content with just the obvious, or just the surface, Cindy asked Deborah about her process, her inspirations & even her rationale for showing in a season when so many major name designer sat out the bi-annual runway week.  A true highlight was had when Deborah shared her story about the genesis of her signature Audrey Bag.  The clutch version of the Audrey (the Audrey Clutch) is pictured in Deborah’s hand above.

It turned out that the bag was inspired by Audrey Hepburn herself, as Deborah designed the piece, which has become a classic & recurring piece in the Thalé Blanc range of offerings, while staying in Audrey’s private home in the South of France. It’s truly an amazing story… look it up.  Or better yet, get your very own Audrey Bag or a piece of the new Thalé Blanc Statements RTW collection at the following link:

Thank you Cindy… so happy to be hanging out in your corner!

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