Negris LeBrum in Fashion Windows

Errol Murray, noted fashion reviewer & NYFW regular for Fashion Windows, posted a wonderful review of the Negris LeBrum Spring/Summer 2021 collection from NYFW. The collection, designed by Travis Hamilton was shown for the first time in Travis’ home town of Houston, TX… thanks to the virtual show week brought on by the pandemic.

The collection was inspired by the favorite saying of Civil Rights leader & Congressional leader John Lewis who referred to race issues as “Good Trouble” as these conversations are difficult & many times troublesome, but lead to an ultimate “good” of understanding. Travis has never been one to shy away from racial issues, as his collection was inspired by a racial activist in her own right, the late Negris LeBrum herself.

You can view the full collection & video at the following link:

Negris LeBrum’s site can be found at the following link:

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