Dress Like a Maniac

One of VERY New York Public Relations’ favorite publications is Fashion Maniac & one of Fashion Maniac’s favorite Halloween costume companies is VERY New York client 3Wishes.  It seems they are quite smitten with the collection of “sexy” costumes for Halloween, a hallmark of the 3Wishes assortment.

Of the hundreds of costumes (did I say hundreds??? I meant THOUSANDS…)  on the 3Wishes.com site, their favorites are profiled in the article entitled “The Costume Everyone Has Been Wondering About…“.

Their choices?  The Sexy Viking, the Golden Goddess, Bavarian Beer Girl, the Egyptian Princess… these are only 4 of the countless that you can take in on the main site:  www.3wishes.com

They also have an extensive & every growing assortment of Lingerie, Swimwear & Holiday Dresses, all a remarkably affordable prices… enjoy!


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