Happy Holidays & Thank You!!!

Since we began VERY New York public relations back on June 1st of this year (2020 to be exact), we could have never dreamed of the outpouring of support we received from the market & media landscape.  Add to that wave of support, that of the countless friends & family & the wave is better described as a tsunami.

Both of us are sincerely humbled & honored by our accomplishments since VERY New York began & we have each & every one of you who helped us to thank.  Our holiday card is pictured above.  Reality is, if we actually sent them to everyone who deserved to get one, we’d be writing cards & envelopes into our 1st year anniversary in June of 2021!  In the words of the wise, wise poet, Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time for dat!”

Seriously, though, the support & well wishes of everyone who offered them were so appreciated & we mean it when we say… VERY New York would not be what it is & would not be able to become what it is becoming without each & every one of… YOU!

Thank you & here’s to 2021!

Mai & Scott

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