Miss Earth… New Client

Only a few years ago, law student, model & activist Lindsey Coffey got this idea to enter a pageant.  Not just any pageant, but one of the top four, most iconic pageants on the planet… Miss Earth USA.  It was the first pageant she ever entered & she did it on a fluke, as she felt she had nothing to lose & she loved the message of the Miss Earth pageant.  Fast forward a few months & she was the reigning Miss Earth USA!  Fast forward a few months later & she was walking down the runway at the Miss Earth pageant with the crown on her head & the eyes of the media the world over on her.

Lindsey Coffey truly is a remarkable talent, a remarkable person & she has a bigger message than just being beautiful & talented, she cares deeply about the future of the planet & has made it her life’s work to spread the message of how we can do something about the crisis in which we find ourselves.

We, here at VERY New York public relations couldn’t be more excited to welcome Lindsey Coffey, Miss Earth 2020 to our family!

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