Exhibit.A: Miss Earth
Miss Earth, Lindsey Coffey in Exhibit.A

Online fashion & lifestyle magazine Exhibit.A featured a fantastic profile of VERY New York public relations client, & reigning Miss Earth, Lindsey Coffey.  In the profile piece, Lindsey’s commitment to the planet we all call home is wonderfully presented along with a slew of tips we can all employ here & now to aid in saving Earth itself.

Lindsey was the first U.S. representative to be crowned Miss Earth in the pageant’s 20+ year history.  Contestants all must have an environmentally impactful platform upon which they run.  In addition to the overarching message of saving the planet as a whole, Lindsey is particularly passionate about sharing the messages around climate change inequality.  Her story is an intriguing one & if you’ve not had the chance to meet her yet for yourself, we encourage you to do a bit of research into her as a person & into her platform.  She’s an incredibly spokesperson for our country, but more importantly, for our planet.

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