MAX+min in Italia
MAX+min in Stefano Guerrini

Italian fashion blogger Stefano Guerrini posted an incredible, in-depth profile of one of VERY New York public relations’ newest clients on his namesake site The article spoke about founder & designer Tiarra Smallwood’s fashion journey from a girl growing up in Ohio, first discovering the joy of shopping for fashion on the coat tails of her mother, to her studying at the prestigious fashion program at Kent State University in Kent, OH, to her current position as freelance designer for several of America’s most noteworthy retail emporiums & at the helm of her own fashion luxury brand.

MAX+min, named for the designer’s intent to put a maximum amount of luxury into each of her minimally styled pieces, sets out to show that a luxury accessories brand can indeed be owned & created by a Black designer.  The “Black-owned” descriptive has traditionally been associated, wrongly in many cases, by immediate visions of “streetwear”.  There’s nothing “street” about MAX+min, as each piece is fashioned in genuine leather & hardware of the highest imaginable quality.  The media is taking notice, as are the retailers… the collection is set to debut in Bloomingdale’s & Saks later this season.

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