Lindsey Coffey in Sourcing Journal
Lindsey Coffey in the Sourcing Journal

Industry go-to for all things sourcing, the Sourcing Journal, posted a terrific story on Earth Day about the sustainability aspects of choosing cotton over other, perhaps more “trendy” fibers.  Who was one of the experts called upon for their perspective?  Well, VERY New York public relations client Lindsey Coffey!  Congratulations Lindsey!  Lindsey Coffey, is the current crown holder of the global Miss Earth pageant.  Her platform is one of the impact of inequality in the global climate crisis.  Don’t think for one moment that this is the only topic she can speak on… quite the contrary.  She’s one of the most level-headed, informed, prepared spokespeople we’ve ever come across on the topic of climate crisis & the issue of sustainability overall.

Oh… what did she say in the article… we almost forgot:

Environmental activist Lindsey Coffey, Miss Earth 2020, adds that endeavors like the Better Cotton Initiative, a non-profit organization (of which Cotton Incorporated is a member), provide green solutions to help minimize the impact of the fiber’s production on the environment.

“Cotton farmers agree to commit to greener standards through water efficiency and habitat conservation while putting the health of the soil and quality of the fiber first,” Coffey says in an interview with Cotton Incorporated’s Lifestyle Monitor™. “By limiting pesticides and growing natural, quality cotton, production will have fewer environmental impacts.”

While the fashion industry as a whole a way to go before it can be considered green, “There are solutions,” Coffey says.

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