Shaun Léon Goes Uptown
Shaun Léon in UPTOWN magazine

Fashion & lifestyle magazine UPTOWN, posted an incredible feature story on Shaun Léon Bath & Body collection today as one of their “Editor’s Pick” stories.  The story, entitled “Shaun Léon Beauty is Clean Self-Care“, is a full review of the entire collection, the brainchild of Ms. Shaunya Hartley & her mom, Leona.  The dynamic duo creates a collection of Bath & Body products that are naturally sourced & artisanal made by the owners themselves in small batches to ensure the quality of each batch is 100% to their standards.

The daughter Hartley is a journalist who makes regulars TV appearances bringing style & beauty tips to a screen near you, found herself looking for solutions to the constant problem she was experiencing with dry skin on her elbows, which is particularly visible on darker skin colors.  She & her mom set about finding a solution, which she was unable to find in the local market… so Shaun Léon Bath & Body was born.

The entire range is available on the company’s website… you’ll buy one & you’ll want them all.. .trust us!  Congrats Shaun & Leona!

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