The Ascension of a Fashion CULT

Bilingual digital “glossy” magazine One Four One just published an advance look at the Spring Summer 2022 collection of CULT of Individuality a full two weeks before the collection is set to show at its first ever runway show.  VERY New York public relations has been retained to handle the public relations & guest flow at the show that is scheduled for the evening of July 22nd.

The first live fashion show taking place in New York City since the pandemic, the CULT of Individuality show is causing quite the media stir.  Founder & Creative Director, Ron Poisson, is proving is mantra of not being “just another” true.  While other companies are playing it on the conservative side with their efforts in terms of press & showing, CULT is pressing boldly forward in ways that pay homage to the rebel roots of the collection itself.

CULT is a brand founded on music & all it’s raucous possibilities.  Irreverent, provocative, but always authentic, the CULT of Individuality collection presses the envelope in every way imaginable, yet remains firmly on the side of accessible (aka: wearable).  The formula is working… now in its 13th year since it was founded, CULT has won the favor of some pretty authentic rockers & musicians of all genres like Slash from U2, Ludacris, Tommy Lee, Motley Crue & Carrie Underwood, to name but a few.

Read the full story in English or Spanish here.

Check out the CULT of Individuality collection here.

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