Clean Living From the Inside Out & Beyond

There’s a significant movement in our world at the moment towards a decidedly cleaner way of living.  It involves more than simply the obvious house cleaning, but rather a personal cleaning form the inside out. This life altering approach to living involves ones diet, cosmetics, medications, as well as our mode of transportation, & even the clothes we choose to wear.  VIVID on-line magazine covered this movement in a recent story & in it, 4 clients of VERY New York public relations were also featured.

Starting with our resident fashion historian & beauty influencer Vivian Kelly ( @thefashionhistorian ) who offered an excellent quote about the genesis of the movement, the article went on to feature CBD brand Sky Wellness, sustainable loungewear company Hue Division, & finally some words of wisdom from current Miss Earth USA, Marisa Butler.

Check out the full story for yourself at the following link: LIVID Magazine

How are you thinking of cleaning up your lifestyle?

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