New Client: The Melanin Therapist
Marsha Page The Melanin Therapist

VERY New York public relations has a new member of the family!  It’s day 2 & we’re already in love!!!

Marsha Page, aka The Melanin Therapist, is an Emmy Award winning make-up artist who specializes in make-up artistry for the melanated skin. She has worked on & has been celebrated for her work on all skin tones, but is reminded every day of her life that the market simply isn’t addressing the needs of the majority of the planet… those who have a skin tone any darker than that of the average causation skin tone. Marsha is quick to point out that there are countless skin tones that exist in humanity, whether one be Asian, Latino, Indian, Native American, Caribbean, African, & the list goes on & on, yet, most make-up companies only address a small sliver of the spectrum of possibilities.

As The Melanin Therapist, Marsha works with her clients to teach them how to deal with the issues & specifically how to develop a make-up routine suited specifically for the skin in which she lives. Her message is so needed & her personality is so infectious… you’re going to fall in love on first meet…

WELCOME to the VERY family, Marsha!!!

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