Kevan Hall Fall Winter 2022 in Fashion Week Online

Kevan Hall Fall Winter 2022 in Fashion Week Online

You’ve all heard about the tree falling in the woods without anyone there to hear it & whether or not it makes a sound, right?  Well, we ask fashion’s version:  If you have a show & it’s not covered in Fashion Week Online, did you really have a show during NYFW?  Hmmmmm… in the case of Kevan Hall’s Fall 2022 show, he definitely had a show, because it was covered in Fashion Week Online.

Hall’s show for Fall 2022 was shot in Los Angeles in a Moroccan antiques mega-store & the results are nothing short of breathtaking.  The video can be viewed at this link.

If you’re more the picture type fashion observer, worry not, you can see the entire collection in Fashion Week Online at this link.

Congrats to VERY New York public relations client Kevan Hall for another incredible show & thank you to Fashion Week Online for another wonderful review & story!

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