ELLE Hydrates Your Kiss
ELLE Magazine lip hydrating with Marsha Page The Melanin Therapist

ELLE Magazine knows a little bit about what’s fashionably important & they aren’t afraid to share their viewpoints.  They’ve been hearing a lot about the new Dior Lip Oil on Twitter & TicTok & set out to figure out just what all the hype is about. In the process, they reached out to VERY New York public relations’ client Marsha Page, aka The Melanin Therapist who was more than happy to share her opinion on the importance of keeping your lips properly hydrated.

Here’s what Marsha had to say:

Lip oil is a great way to hydrate dry lips all year round. It also serves as a great high shine over lipstick or alone. The jojoba and rosehip usually contained in lip oils give the lips a moisturized and supple finish and feel,” Marsha Page, professional makeup artist and founder behind The Melanin  Therapist, tells ELLE.com. Lip oil provides moisture and shine without the stickiness of a lip gloss. Meanwhile, “lip balms are typically wax-based and tend to sit on the lip and offer only temporary hydration,” she adds.

To read the entire piece & see the list of products they review, click on this link.

Thank you ELLE for thinking of Marsha & always keeping it real… or in this case… real hydrated!

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