Hot to Cover a Tattoo Hollywood Style
The Melanin Therapist in The Hollywood Reporter

If you are VERY New York Marsha Page, aka The Melanin Therapist, you know a little bit about Hollywood & the make-up needs of the stars! If you are The Hollywood Reporter, you know how to find people who know about the secrets of Hollywood.

In this week’s edition, Marsha Page shares her helpful hints for skills she applies to her subjects day in & day out, many of whom are names that you only see on the marquee of a theater near you!

Marsha is on a campaign to help as many people as possible to realize their fullest potential through make-up, especially those who have melanated skin tones. Through her countless articles that we’ve gotten her included in, as well as through her one-on-one sessions where she meets you to teach you a personalized skin care & make regimen that is completely custom built just for you.

To read the full article in The Hollywood Reporter, click here.

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