Moms Know About Dads… & Remo!
Remo Tulliani in Daily Moms

Where do you turn if you want to know how to dress like a cool dad? Moms of course… well, in this case… Daily Moms.  Daily Moms is the essential guide to all things “mom” & buying a Father’s Day Gift is item number 1,000,001 on most mom’s to do lists, so they made it simple & picked out their most stylish gifts to dress up any dad in serious fashion savvy.

The Mom’s pick for sunglasses was none other than VERY New York public relations client (& coolest guy on the planet) Remo Tulliani, who makes belts, sunglasses & socks that are rivaled by no others.

To see the full Daily Moms feature, click on this link.

To experience the world of Remo Tulliani, click on this link.


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