All Eyes on Remo
remo tulliani in fashion reverie

Summer means sun & when the sun comes out, Fashion Reverie has the top picks for dealing with the sunlight in the most… well… fashionable way possible! As part of their always anticipated Summer Sunglass round-up, Internet fashion news source Fashion Reverie included VERY New York client Remo Tulliani’s updated Aviator sunglasses.  Remo Tulliani makes the most luxurious sunglasses, belts & socks on the market.

Remo makes each belt by hand in his atelier in Arizona & sources his sunglasses from the finest suppliers in Italy. His socks are all made in the USA & are 100% recyclable…. check out his entire collection at this link.

See the Fashion Reverie article at this link… but beware… once you start on Fashion Reverie… you’ll be lost in their site for hours & you’d better hide your credit cards… you’re gonna want to shop!

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