Houston Loves blú Too!
blú swimwear in Houston Style Magazine

Everyone knows that if you want to know what’s trending in Houston, you turn to the editors of Houston Style Magazine… the name sort of says it all! It seems that they are more than a little taken back by VERY New York public relations client blú swimwear… the most comfortable swimwear a guy will ever wear.

They ran an article about the debut collection from designers Heather Durst & Keri O’Shea who got the idea for the collection after seeing Mr. Ralph Lauren himself stepping out of a pool in Jamaica, looking well… in a word… fabulous… after all… he is RALPH LAUREN!  They returned to their homes in New York & began working on what you are now lucky enough to be able to buy… blú swimwear! Oh… by the way, it’s also a fully sustainably sourced collection & 5% from every sale goes to the Ocean Conservancy to help clean-up the global shorelines.

Check out their Spring/Summer 2022 collection at this link.  To view the entire Houston Style Magazine article, use this link.

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