Sky Wellness is #1 in the US
sky wellness in pets+

The benefits of CBD are just becoming known. It seems that every day a new discovery is made about the miracles of the compound. VERY New York public relations client, Sky Wellness is at the forefront of the CBD industry & it’s not just their publicists (us!) saying it!  It’s now official.  Sky Wellness is the #1 CBD supplier in the country in several categories within the convenience store distribution channel.

Sky Wellness ships a full range of products with over 100 SKU’s for humans under the Sky Wellness & CBDaf! labels as well as for pets under the D-Oh-Gee moniker & for horses under their Equine brand. We couldn’t be more thrilled for Thom, Brooke & the full team at Sky Wellness!  We’re so happy to be a part of the movement!!!

Check out the full range of Sky Wellness, CBDaf!, D-Oh-Gee & Equine products at this link.

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