Hometown Hero… Ivy Cove
Ivy Cove in The Montecito Journal

Montecito, CA resident Ivy Moliver is the creative force behind the new collection of leather goods for women, men, children, pets & home under the label Ivy Cove. Moliver has spent her entire professional life creating fine leather goods for many of the most celebrated fashion companies on the planet… trust us… you’d know them all. However, 2022 is the. year that Ivy decided it’s time her vision be front & center, so she launched Ivy Cove.

VERY New York public relations was so excited to land a profile piece in Moliver’s hometown newspaper, The Montecito Journal!  Congratulations Ivy & thank you Montecito Journal writer, Kelly Mahan Herrick! According to Ivy, the locals read the paper, as she was recognized at lunch on Tuesday more than once… get ready Ivy… this is just the beginning!

Check out the Ivy Cove collection at this link.

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