Albright College Is A Hit
WNBC Covers Albright College NYFW Show

When Albright College took to the runways of NYFW for the second time in September 2022, the 8 students & alumni who were designing the collections were beyond excited. It’s understandable, right… they are in school or just graduated & their school is giving them a chance to show their collections on the runways of NYFW… on the very same stage where their design idols are showing their collections a few hours later or before…

However, when VERY New York public relations sent out the post show release, they never expected the swell of support around the story that it received. Over 250 media outlets ran the story (like WNBC in New York at this link) & gave the story a reach of some 300 million impressions in the public eye.  Add to this, the countless organic placements we also got for the story via our internal contacts & it’s clear to see… Albright College is a hit!

Congratulations to the students, alumni, & faculty at the school for their hard work paying off in a big way!

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