Oprah Visits Ivy Cove
Ivy Cove in Oprah Daily

It seems that the accessories team at Oprah Daily is as obsessed by Ivy Cove’s product as we are!  But then again, we may be a tad bit biased…

The team at Oprah, who get pitched literally thousands of products a week, compiled a list of “The Most Recommended Gifts for New Moms, According to Real Moms & Experts” & guess who made the list?  VERY New York public relations client Ivy Cove, of course! Their choice, the Genesis Diaper Backpack… one of the collection’s best sellers. It looks like the Real Moms & Experts got it right!

To get your own Ivy Cove Genesis Diaper Backpack, visit this link.

To check out the entire collection of Ivy Cove luxury leather goods for women, men, children, pets & home, visit the Ivy Cove website here.

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